List Of Chemical Products

( all Industry )

Product Name Product Description
METHYL ETHYL KETONE Solvent for paint removers, cements and adhesives
XYLENE Solvent for lacquers, enamels, rubber cements
VINYL ACETATE MONOMER Use in paints, adhesives, paper and textile industries
POLYOL 5613 Use in foam, adhesive,paint and plastic industries
CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE 70% GRANULE 45KG JAPAN Algicide/bactericide, disinfectant for swimming pools
ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL Use in cosmetics, manufacture of glycerol and isopropyl acetate
BUTYL CELLOSOLVE Solvent for lacquers and varnishes
GLYCERINE REFINED USP 99.5% 250KG MALAYSIA Use in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, perfumery and food industries.
SODA ASH LIGHT 99.2% MIN 40KG CHINA Use in glass, paper and soap industries; Use in water treatment
ACETIC ACID Use in pharmaceutical, plastic and dye industries; Use as food additive
D-GLUCITOL 70 Use in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, paper, textile and food industries.
TITANIUM DIOXIDE ANATASE TA Use in paints, paper, rubber, plastic and cosmetic industries; Use as pigment
PROPYLENE GLYCOL USP 215KG DOW Solvent for flavouring extracts and perfumes; coolant in refrigeration system
PHOSPHORIC ACID 85% FOOD GRADE 35KG CHINA Use in pharmaceutical, fertilizer, and soap industries. Use as acidulant in carbonated beverages.
LACTOSE POWDER LYNN BRAND 25KG USA Use in pharma, infant foods, baking and confectionery; margarine and butter manufacturing; manufacture of penicillin, yeast and edible protein
CAUSTIC SODA FLAKES Use in paper, soap and textile industries; Use as food additive
N-PROPYL ACETATE 180KG TAIWAN Use as flavouring agent; solvent for lacquers and plastics.
COPPER SULFATE PENTAHYDRATE W/ CU 24.5% 25KG TAIWA Use in agriculture, leather and petroleum industries; use as pigment
LINSEED OIL REFINED 190KG BELGIUM Use in paints, inks and varnishes.
SODIUM BENZOATE POWDER (PROBENZ) FG 20KG ESTONIA/BP2000 POWDER 25KG CHINA Use as food preservative and antiseptic.
DISODIUM PHOSPHATE ANHY FG 25KG THAILAND Use in pharma, textile and fertilizer industries
CYCLOHEXANONE 190KG TAIWAN/netherland Use as sequestrant in food; use for paint, varnish removers and metal degreaser
SODIUM SULFATE (A) 50KG CHINA Use as food additive; use in the manufacturing of paperboard and kraft paper.
CITRIC ACID (A) FINE CRYSTAL BP/USP 25KG CHINA Use in food and flavouring industries.
TITANIUM DIOXIDE ANATASE KA/100 25KG KOREA Use as acidifier/acidulant in foods.
POTASSIUM PERMANGANATE BP2000 50KGS CHINA Use as oxidizer, disinfectant and deodorizer.
SODIUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE FINE POWDER 25KG THAILAND Use in water softening or as deffloculating agent. Use as food additive and texturizer.
TRICHLOROETHYLENE 280KG CHINA Use as extraction solvents for oils, fats and waxes; Use in metal degreasing
TETRASODIUM PYRO 25KG THAILAND Water softener; use in boiler-water treatment; use as food additive
UREA 50KG CHINA/UREA 50KG PHILS Use as fertilizer; use in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and animal feeds
CALCIUM STEARATE 20KG HEAVY Use as flatting agent in paints; food additives
TALC POWDER HAICHEN 325MESH 25KG CHINA Use in ceramics, cosmetics, and pharma industries; use as filler in rubber, paints, soap and plaster.
POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE 95.5% FLAKES 25KG JAPAN Use in soap mfg industry; use in manufacturing Potassium carbonate; electrolyte in alkaline batteries; use as food additive and paint removers
CELLOSOLVE ACETATE 200KG BRAZIL Solvent for nitrocellulose, oils and resins; retards in lacquers, varnish remover, wood stains, textiles and leather.
SODIUM HEXA FINE POWDER FOODGRADE 25KG THAILAND Use in water softening, textile processing; Use in frozen desserts
AQUA-CEL/CELITE 22.7KGS USA Use in filtration, clarifying and decolorizing; extender in paints, rubber and in plastic products.
ISOPHORONE 190KG GERMANY Use in polyvinyl and nitrocellulose resins.
PERCHLOROETHYLENE 300KG JAPAN/CHINA/DOWPER 333KGS DOW Use as dry cleaning solvent, drying agent for metals and as heat transfer medium
CHROMIC ACID 50KG CHINA Use as chromium plating intermediate; use in tanning
PHENOL 225KG S. AFRICA Use as general disinfectant; use in pharma as selective solvent
DOP AH 200KG MALAYSIA Plasticizer for many resins and elastomers
POTASSIUM CARBONATE FG 25KG TAIWAN Use as dehydrating agent and general-purpose food additive
METHYLENE CHLORIDE TECH. 270KG DOW Use as solvent degreaser and paint remover
SODIUM DICHROMATE 25KG S. AFRICA Use as complexing agent; use as oxidation inhibitor in ethyl ether
SODIUM GLUCONATE FOOD GRADE 25KG CHINA use as sequestering agent, metal cleaner, paint stripper and rust remover; use also in food and pharma ind.
MONOETHANOLAMINE PURE 210KG GERMANY Non-ionic detergents used in dry cleaning
ACTIVATED CARBON 401H 20KG CHINA Use in decolorizing sugar, purification of water and air; use in waste treatment
ZINC OXIDE GOLD SEAL 25KG PERU Use as pigment and mold growth inhibitor in paints; feed additive
MONOCALCIUM PHOSPHATE MONOMEDIUM FINE POW 25KG GERMANY use in baking powder; as stabilizer in plastic; use in glass mfg; buffer in foods
OLEIC ACID PALMERA A1813 180KG MALAYSIA Use as soap base, food additive; use in ointments and cosmetics
BORIC ACID MIN 99% 25KG NETHERLAND Use in glass industry; use in pharmaceutical (in ointments and eyewash)
SODIUM METASILICATE ANHY BEADS 25KG CHINA Base for detergent formulations, laundry, dairy, metal and floor cleaning
MONOSODIUM PHOSPHATE ANHY 25KG THAILAND Use in electroplating; in boiler-water treatment
FORMIC ACID 85% 25KG CHINA Use in leather treatment, manufacture of fumigant, insecticide and refrigerant; use as vinyl resin plasticizer
SORBITOL 70% 275KG CHINA/NEOSORB 70/70 FOOD GRADE 275KG CHINA As food additive; use in pharma and cosmetic ind.;use as plasticizer
CALCIUM CARBONATE NL-103 PRECIPITATED 25KG TAIWAN2 Use as neutralizing agent; filler and extender in rubber
METHYL SALICYLATE 25KG CHINA Use in food, beverages, pharma; as uv absorber in sunblock lotion
MINERAL OIL PHAZOL 7 WHITE 173KG KOREA liquid petroleum derivative
DEXTROSE MONOHYDRATE FG 25KG CHINA/dextrose anhydrous FG use in confectionery, infant foods, medicine, brewing and wine making,baking and canning
MALEIC ANHYDRIDE 99.5% MIN 25KG CHINA2 use in polyester resins, alkyd coating resins, fumaric and tartaric acid manufacture; preservative for oils and fats
LACTIC ACID 80% CORN FG 25KG CHINA in cultured dairy products; as acidulant; in pharma; mordant in dyeing wool; general-purpose additive
SODA ASH LIGHT 50KG UKRAINE use in glass , pulp and paper manufacture; use in aluminum production, textile processing, petroleum refining; catalyst in coal liquefaction
METHYLENE CHLORIDE 250KG JAPAN use for paint removers, solvent degreasing, plastic processing; use as blowing agent in foams, as solvent for cellulose acetate; aerosol propellant
CALCIUM CHLORIDE FLAKES 77% 25KG CHINA use for deicing and dust control of roads; drilling muds; dust proofing; use in paper and pulp industry; as fungicide; drying and dessicating agent
TOLUENE DI-ISOCYANATE 80/20 250KG KOREA use in polyurethane foams, elastomer and coatings
N-PROPANOL 165KG TAIWAN solvent for waxes and vegetable oils
Methanol It is used as antifreeze, solvent, fuel, and as a denaturant for ethanol.
Toluene it is a solvent in paints, lacquers, thinners, glues, correction fluid and nail polish remover, and is used in the printing and leather tanning processes
Ethyl Acetate it is used in glues, nail polish removers, decaffeinating tea and coffee
SBP 1425 it is used in rubber compounding and in thinner formulations. It is also used for metal cleaning, clean fuel for burning degreasing applications