List Of Chemical Products

( food Industry )

Product Name Product Description
GLYCERINE REFINED USP 99.5% 250KG MALAYSIA Use in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, perfumery and food industries.
ACETIC ACID Use in pharmaceutical, plastic and dye industries; Use as food additive
LACTOSE POWDER LYNN BRAND 25KG USA Use in pharma, infant foods, baking and confectionery; margarine and butter manufacturing; manufacture of penicillin, yeast and edible protein
CAUSTIC SODA FLAKES Use in paper, soap and textile industries; Use as food additive
SODIUM BENZOATE POWDER (PROBENZ) FG 20KG ESTONIA/BP2000 POWDER 25KG CHINA Use as food preservative and antiseptic.
CYCLOHEXANONE 190KG TAIWAN/netherland Use as sequestrant in food; use for paint, varnish removers and metal degreaser
SODIUM SULFATE (A) 50KG CHINA Use as food additive; use in the manufacturing of paperboard and kraft paper.
CITRIC ACID (A) FINE CRYSTAL BP/USP 25KG CHINA Use in food and flavouring industries.
TITANIUM DIOXIDE ANATASE KA/100 25KG KOREA Use as acidifier/acidulant in foods.
SODIUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE FINE POWDER 25KG THAILAND Use in water softening or as deffloculating agent. Use as food additive and texturizer.
TETRASODIUM PYRO 25KG THAILAND Water softener; use in boiler-water treatment; use as food additive
CALCIUM STEARATE 20KG HEAVY Use as flatting agent in paints; food additives
POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE 95.5% FLAKES 25KG JAPAN Use in soap mfg industry; use in manufacturing Potassium carbonate; electrolyte in alkaline batteries; use as food additive and paint removers
SODIUM HEXA FINE POWDER FOODGRADE 25KG THAILAND Use in water softening, textile processing; Use in frozen desserts
POTASSIUM CARBONATE FG 25KG TAIWAN Use as dehydrating agent and general-purpose food additive
SODIUM GLUCONATE FOOD GRADE 25KG CHINA use as sequestering agent, metal cleaner, paint stripper and rust remover; use also in food and pharma ind.
MONOCALCIUM PHOSPHATE MONOMEDIUM FINE POW 25KG GERMANY use in baking powder; as stabilizer in plastic; use in glass mfg; buffer in foods
OLEIC ACID PALMERA A1813 180KG MALAYSIA Use as soap base, food additive; use in ointments and cosmetics
SORBITOL 70% 275KG CHINA/NEOSORB 70/70 FOOD GRADE 275KG CHINA As food additive; use in pharma and cosmetic ind.;use as plasticizer
METHYL SALICYLATE 25KG CHINA Use in food, beverages, pharma; as uv absorber in sunblock lotion
DEXTROSE MONOHYDRATE FG 25KG CHINA/dextrose anhydrous FG use in confectionery, infant foods, medicine, brewing and wine making,baking and canning
LACTIC ACID 80% CORN FG 25KG CHINA in cultured dairy products; as acidulant; in pharma; mordant in dyeing wool; general-purpose additive
Ethyl Acetate it is used in glues, nail polish removers, decaffeinating tea and coffee