List Of Chemical Products

( paint Industry )

Product Name Product Description
METHYL ETHYL KETONE Solvent for paint removers, cements and adhesives
VINYL ACETATE MONOMER Use in paints, adhesives, paper and textile industries
POLYOL 5613 Use in foam, adhesive,paint and plastic industries
TITANIUM DIOXIDE ANATASE TA Use in paints, paper, rubber, plastic and cosmetic industries; Use as pigment
LINSEED OIL REFINED 190KG BELGIUM Use in paints, inks and varnishes.
CYCLOHEXANONE 190KG TAIWAN/netherland Use as sequestrant in food; use for paint, varnish removers and metal degreaser
CALCIUM STEARATE 20KG HEAVY Use as flatting agent in paints; food additives
TALC POWDER HAICHEN 325MESH 25KG CHINA Use in ceramics, cosmetics, and pharma industries; use as filler in rubber, paints, soap and plaster.
POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE 95.5% FLAKES 25KG JAPAN Use in soap mfg industry; use in manufacturing Potassium carbonate; electrolyte in alkaline batteries; use as food additive and paint removers
AQUA-CEL/CELITE 22.7KGS USA Use in filtration, clarifying and decolorizing; extender in paints, rubber and in plastic products.
METHYLENE CHLORIDE TECH. 270KG DOW Use as solvent degreaser and paint remover
SODIUM GLUCONATE FOOD GRADE 25KG CHINA use as sequestering agent, metal cleaner, paint stripper and rust remover; use also in food and pharma ind.
ZINC OXIDE GOLD SEAL 25KG PERU Use as pigment and mold growth inhibitor in paints; feed additive
METHYLENE CHLORIDE 250KG JAPAN use for paint removers, solvent degreasing, plastic processing; use as blowing agent in foams, as solvent for cellulose acetate; aerosol propellant
Toluene it is a solvent in paints, lacquers, thinners, glues, correction fluid and nail polish remover, and is used in the printing and leather tanning processes