List Of Chemical Products

( pharmaceutical Industry )

Product Name Product Description
GLYCERINE REFINED USP 99.5% 250KG MALAYSIA Use in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, perfumery and food industries.
ACETIC ACID Use in pharmaceutical, plastic and dye industries; Use as food additive
D-GLUCITOL 70 Use in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, paper, textile and food industries.
PHOSPHORIC ACID 85% FOOD GRADE 35KG CHINA Use in pharmaceutical, fertilizer, and soap industries. Use as acidulant in carbonated beverages.
LACTOSE POWDER LYNN BRAND 25KG USA Use in pharma, infant foods, baking and confectionery; margarine and butter manufacturing; manufacture of penicillin, yeast and edible protein
DISODIUM PHOSPHATE ANHY FG 25KG THAILAND Use in pharma, textile and fertilizer industries
UREA 50KG CHINA/UREA 50KG PHILS Use as fertilizer; use in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and animal feeds
TALC POWDER HAICHEN 325MESH 25KG CHINA Use in ceramics, cosmetics, and pharma industries; use as filler in rubber, paints, soap and plaster.
PHENOL 225KG S. AFRICA Use as general disinfectant; use in pharma as selective solvent
SODIUM GLUCONATE FOOD GRADE 25KG CHINA use as sequestering agent, metal cleaner, paint stripper and rust remover; use also in food and pharma ind.
BORIC ACID MIN 99% 25KG NETHERLAND Use in glass industry; use in pharmaceutical (in ointments and eyewash)
SORBITOL 70% 275KG CHINA/NEOSORB 70/70 FOOD GRADE 275KG CHINA As food additive; use in pharma and cosmetic ind.;use as plasticizer
METHYL SALICYLATE 25KG CHINA Use in food, beverages, pharma; as uv absorber in sunblock lotion
DEXTROSE MONOHYDRATE FG 25KG CHINA/dextrose anhydrous FG use in confectionery, infant foods, medicine, brewing and wine making,baking and canning
LACTIC ACID 80% CORN FG 25KG CHINA in cultured dairy products; as acidulant; in pharma; mordant in dyeing wool; general-purpose additive